Journey Of Mind

Constellation has long been about statements, whereby “A liquid of infinite blackness exists at the center of the Iris; a place where each idea forms a ripple; where each idea grows and dies within the confines of an instant… Journey of Mind can take you there”. It’s very true. Across a spectrum satiating 15 minutes the rat poison is removed, the animal tames itself through intelligence, and it feels even on the first steps we’re listening to soda crystals erupt from the damp patches. A periphery to make pure the wounds of old; it soothes our con-fuse.

Of the two tracks, “Essential Oil” is the only one to bring to mind other collectives – Grumbling Fur’s “Furrier” LP, of “Under Fur Moon” psychedelia. No bad thing, and textures here then veer to a Shaula-like richness, recalling Under The Spire’s catalogue at its best. The chords are stricken out in larger clusters, sounding as if recorded in an underwater chamber, reverberating through a plug of yellow light. The colour of friendship, springing imaginal; the whole process, when all is done, welcomes you back in for another 15 minute therapy vaunt.

“It’s not a matter of chasing sensations, but welcoming those which come to us legitimately, and directing them towards the goals we aspire to.” ~ Michel Quoist, With Open Heart.

– Mick Buckingham for Fluid Radio

Ambient and Avant Garde drone are two of my deepest musical loves. I produce as Foci's Left, having soundworks released on the Audio Gourmet and Ohmni labels. My debut album "Grumpy Love" was self-released through Bandcamp in May 2013. Favourite artists that are Fluid Radio relevant? Grouper; Steve Roach; Stars Of The Lid; Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd; Bat For Lashes; Sigur Ros. The concepts of "transcendental introspection" and "refractive assuaging", first ever written about by me in the Music context, started out on Fluid Radio. I aim to procreate with oblique and creative angles for everything you will read from me. At the time of writing, I'm 93 articles into being a writer for Fluid Radio - yowza!


  • December 4, 2012

    Pusat Info Kayu

    Nice share ;)

  • December 9, 2012


    Heard this on the radio late at night after a party. It was very nice entrancing break from the noise of the crowd.

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