Rayons – Sagrada Reset

Rayons is the classical outlet for Japanese talented composer and pianist Masako Nakai. Her new album is the soundtrack of a Japanese TV animation Sagrada Reset…

The original TV animation Sagrada Reset written by Yutaka Kouno has a teenage ensemble cast and takes place in Sagrada town, where people with various supernatural powers live. Rayons’ music greatly accentuates the perspective of this animated world. She was also active in the musical production of the film The Miracles of the Namiya General Store and many other commercials.
Rayons reveals a complex story – a mixture of reality and fantasy playing out in a town that blends with traditional and modern by delicate and expressive piano stylings and spectacular arrangements.

– This soundtrack album contains 26 pieces, selected by herself, from lots of new works used in the animated TV show. An ensemble of 11 musicians spectacularly enhances the songs, which were composed and arranged by Rayons. This novel musical addition reaches a new level of expressivity, surpassing what previous works had achieved.


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