Fluid Radio is an independent online internet radio station and blog focusing on a wide spectrum of experimental music. Coverage includes a 24 hour non commercial broadcast stream, album and gig reviews, artist/label mixes, music news, photography, film work and information on other contemporary arts.

  • We encourage advertising from record labels, artists, promoters, exhibitors, gigs/festivals and independent businesses within music, art and literature.

  • We provide original content which attracts advertising from the likes of Artists (from the headliners to the new), Record Labels (from the large to the small independents), Music Workshops, Gigs and Festivals (from the big to the small and intimate).

  • We have the ideal targeted audience who are passionate about the music we feature.

  • Our website is updated daily and attracts 1000’s of daily readers: we currently receive an average of 380,000 page views per month i.e. actual pages read by individuals.

  • Our prices are kept at a competitive level and offer great value.

  • We are flexible. If you want something different, then just contact us. We can also design your advert if required.

Contact for our advertising rates or for a quote. We will be more than happy to answer any questions or to work with you on more specific needs.