Review Submissions

Fluid Radio welcomes unsolicited submissions for review, provided they meet our minimum submission guidelines. Please send a link to a streaming copy of at least two tracks (Soundcloud preferred), and include the term “Music Submission” in the subject line.

Digital promos need to include:

– A complete set of music files (properly coded with artist, track name, album name and track numbers), with any necessary permissions for Fluid Radio to host the songs of your choice.

– One high-resolution image of the artist (exclusive images preferred), landscape orientation (width greater than height, 1050 pixels minimum width), with any necessary permissions for Fluid Radio to publish.

РOne high-resolution image of the official artwork (1050 pixels minimum width).

– A one-sheet, with the following:

Official artist name
Official album name
Official tracklist
Available formats and quantities
Description of album
Artist bio
Artist website(s)
Release date(s)
Artist’s statement
Links to recent reviews
Links to recent interviews