Tony Alva

Anyone that follows the skateboard community will know of Tony Alva. This guy was a true inspiration to me and it was heart breaking to see him take the path into addiction. This film tells the story of recovery and his journey towards spiritual healing…

Considered to be one of the the most influential skateboarders of all time, Tony Alva, an original Z-Boy, hit a bottom 4 years ago battling drug addiction and alcoholism. There, at his lowest point, his reliance on successes and ego came into perspective for the first time. Tony’s fight for sobriety and truth has recently lead him to a new perspective on life and direction moving forward. Dedicated to giving back Tony now see’s passing the bucket as the only way out.

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Directed & Edited by Eliot Rausch
Director of Photography: Lukas Korver

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  1. says: Robert Browne

    For a background on the Z-Boys, including Tony Alva, check out Stacy Peralta’s 2001 documentary film “Dogtown and Z-Boys” about the 70’s skateboarding scene. Highly recommended.

  2. says: Ricci Young

    This video is astonishingly beautiful. Without a doubt, T.A. looks and sounds like someone who has done and seen it all. In his fifties, e could easily be frozen in disillusionment and self-pity for all his ego losses, yet he embodies what a spiritual gift skateboarding has been for him, and he’s intent on sharing the gift with kids who need it the most.
    I think all would agree that his “Dogtown” segment was good. I feel that this piece is so much better; I’m watching it again and again.

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