Here’s a superb sixty four minute film/live performance taken from the recent Semibreve Festival with words below by Fluid Radio writer Pascal Savy…

Qluster and VJ duo Luma.Launisch opened the festival in a majestic yet diminutive way. Against a backdrop of falling stars projected on the oversized screen occupying the back of the stage, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Onnen Bock, played devastatingly beautiful Theremin-like swells for the first few minutes of their performance as a way of transporting their audience into their expansive and poetic sound world. Using mostly vintage analogue synthesisers and old effect boxes, they patiently shaped an oneiric journey oscillating between the celestial and the profoundly human. The quietest of a low pulsating drone provided the foundation on which Roedelius and Bock improvised their hour-long performance that hinted at Tarkovski’s Solaris in a very understated way. Small kosmische patterns and long quasi-static sequences, accompanied sometimes by Roedelius playing Sakamoto-esque motifs at the piano, infused the music with variety and dynamic in the most subtle way. The delicacy of the performance was perfectly echoed by the projections of Luma.Launisch, assembled and processed in real time from personal film archives, thus giving the concert a sense of overwhelming grandeur while staying solidly anchored to an understated and fragile narrative. As the visuals morphed from the cosmic through maritime themes to continue their journey towards more human evocations, they finally settled for the passing seasons as a way to suggest the slow erosion of life – a very touching ending that set the mood for the entire festival.


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