Edition. IV

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  1. Hey, this mag is wonderful, especially the photographs. I wish this would be available as print :). Maybe I am blind but I dind’t found any credits to the photographs because I’d like to dig deeper into these great pictures. happy holidays!

  2. says: Johan

    i was reading part of this last night when i couldn’t sleep. it has been a great year musically. after all the effort you put into these amazing digital editions i feel bad i can’t donate. but i have no job at the moment and basically living hope alone right now. keep up the great work!

  3. says: Dan

    Cant believe I forgot to add some credits!!!


    – Front/Back cover – Aëla Labbé

    – Inside (Underexposed) – Ian Hazeldine, Tim Martin, Cory Allen, Will Thomas Long, Katie English, John McCaffrey, Michael Tanner


    – Pascal Savy, Adam Williams, Michael Vitrano, Alex Gibson, Charles Sage, Fred Nolan, Katie English, Mick Buckingham, Mohammed Ashref, Nathan Thomas, Brendan Moore, Gianmarco Del Re, Simon Cummings, Dean Rocker, Graham Sefton, Josh Atkin

  4. says: mnemonic45

    Thanks Fluid-Radio for pdf encyclopedia of music year 2011, very good year. Some of the great posts about music i read hear.

    have a happy good new year in life and music…

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