Evening With Dusty

Kyle Bobby Dunn is set for a return to Low Point on June 25th with a 2 x CD entitled ‘Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn’. Whilst Fluid reviewer Steve Dewhurst puts the final touches on a full review we thought you might like this wonderful video directed by Joey Bania…

‘Bring Me The Head Of…’ is an album containing some of the most brutally honest and complex moments of Dunn’s young career to date. Drawing upon a love for emotional detailing and cinematically charged grandeur, these suites offer an apex in romantic, haunting and lonely bliss. Recorded over several years at Bunce Cake, Brooklyn and remote parts of Canada, the works mainly reveal themselves in quietly unfolding loops and waves of strings and electric guitar.

To compare is difficult, however, Dunn constructs atmospherics which at times most closely resemble Andrei Tarkovsky’s darkly autonomous films and the sheer grit and humanism found in the works of Sam Peckinpah (especially in ‘Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia’, a personal favourite of the composer). Very different worlds all seeming to fit inside one massive, cohesive and overwhelmingly emotional whole, one that clings to the heart strings of the listener like smoke and honey.

This double disc album (much like 2010’s, ‘A Young Person’s Guide To…’), expands and contracts with large flowing pieces and shorter but just as powerful vignettes. An album which creates landscapes that will become impossible to forget and something you will want to travel with for years to come. – Low Point


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