Benoît Pioulard

Back on the 26th of May, the Centrifuge Agency presented the critically-acclaimed Orcas (Benoît Pioulard and Rafael Anton Irisarri) for their first ever London show, fresh from the release of their widely praised debut album on Morr Music. Here’s a clip from Benoît Pioulard solo set…

From a young age, Michigan resident Thomas Meluch has been fascinated with the sounds of nature and tape decay—through almost a decade of recordings, he has fostered an infatuation with a sort of sonic density that combines remnants of pop song structures with the lushness and unpredictability of field recordings. A veteran drummer of a half dozen bands, Meluch chose guitar and voice as the primary instruments for his work as Benoît Pioulard. He began documenting field recordings and his own lo-fi compositions on dictaphones, discarded stereos and four-track machines in the mid 1990s, later focusing on highly limited CD-R and cassette releases of his experimental, folk-influenced songs for friends and family.

Gianmarco Del Re for Fluid Radio

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