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One of the great things about running FR is that every now and then we get sent something that completely blows us away. One such artist that recently managed to do just that was Bryce Hample’s ‘Hedia’ project. In fact we was so impressed, we have agreed to release an album for him in 2013 on the Fluid Audio imprint. For now enjoy the beautiful short film by Dylan McLaughlin that features Bryce’s audio work, read some info below and make sure to go check out more of his work on the Hedia web site that includes a superb live film performance…


Hedia is the music of multi-instrumentalist Bryce Hample, of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Beginning in the frosted winter of 2008, Hedia is spacial music, creating a place to inhabit, if only temporarily. Musical spaces to encompass the listener, unfolding organically and spaciously, in a blanket of drifting piano chords, viola da gamba, cello, brass, subdued guitar, and tape manipulations. Strings cut effortlessly through an omnipresent mist of droning, floating notes, they seethe and swell poignantly without ever blundering into obvious melodies that would break the bittersweet reverie. Meditations on time, need, silence. It is at once fragile, yearning, brooding, and blissful, swaying from cold to warm.

Hedia has completed two US tours. Bryce Hample has studied Indian Classical music in Varanasi, India, has played/toured/recorded in bands including Yodas House, Elephant Paintings, The Fertile Crescent, and Reighnbeau.


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