During the creation of the music that would become my album Faint I was experimenting with a kit-built plastic 35mm camera photographing in the forest outside my studio. I used the drawbacks and idiosyncracies of the camera to come up with a technique that produced very other-wordly and dreamy photographs and instantly drew the parallel between these images and the music i was writing down the hill in the studio. The photographs together with the music helped me come up with the title to the project.

Like the music on Faint, these images are about a place that exists between places. Undefined yet familiar, natural yet removed, and ultimately a place of stillness, uncertainty and sleep.

The release of Faint contained 12 of these photographs, yet I obviously took many more. Nine of the 12 images shown here were not part of the final release of the album. The accompanying music here with these images was also part of the recording process of Faint yet is a piece that, ultimately, did not make it to the final release of the album.

“Field (Beta)” is a restructuring of a piece I recorded, called “Field,” for Room40 in 2007 for my released titled Landing. For “Field (Beta)” I used an early version of this recording and molded it to fit into the conceptual framework of Faint.

Together this recording and these photographs show an unused, yet vital, part of the process I went through to create Faint.

– Taylor Deupree, November 19th, Pound Ridge, New York

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  1. says: joe borreson

    ohhh, this is lush, and really peaceful!! thank you for sharing, Taylor, and for posting this, Dan.
    The images really do capture the sounds therein as well… wonderful as usual!

  2. says: floyd kelley

    i’m always so inspired by the work that taylor does. as a person who loves photography, i find myself often times listening to his catalogue while i snap photos.

  3. says: Philip

    Words cannot even begin to describe the feeling I am experiencing, so I will the sound envelop my heart as I listen and watch this display of sheer unfiltered bliss, thank you Philip

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