April 15th 2013 will see Canadian-based pianist Lubomyr Melnyk – the pioneer of Continuous Piano Music – with his first release on UK label Erased Tapes, entitled Corollaries. The album was recorded and produced by Peter Broderick with the additional help of Nils Frahm and Martyn Heyne.

Lubomyr’s focus is on the actual sound of the piano as much as the harmonies and melodies of the music. Using rapid and complex note patterns his virtuoso piano technique form overtones that blend, collide or even create new melodies in rare moments, and thereby shape the composition beyond its original form. Peter features on four of the five album tracks.

The album artwork was created by American contemporary artist Gregory Euclide, known for his cover art for Bon Iver’s self-titled album. Euclide listenend to early mixes of the recordings on repeat whilst creating the two paintings contained in the record, which he describes as ‘a continuous cycle of growth and decay’.

Corollaries will be released on CD and Double-Vinyl in a special die-cut sleeve and as a High Quality Download on April 15th via Erased Tapes, and can be pre-ordered here.


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