San Lupo

San Lupo is a collaborative project comprised by the classical choir “Antonio LaMotta” from Morbegno (SO), conducted by Davide Mainetti, the cellist Matteo Bennici and the electronic musicians Alberto Boccardi, Attilio Novellino and Nicola Ratti.

The structure of the concert is divided into three movements: encounter, dialogue and choice. Within each movement, the structure is fixed, leaving small spaces for musicians’ improvisation and interplay where they could decide to expand, compress, stretch or shorten the sound space and the relation with the choir.

The concert, which lasts about 40 minutes, premiered on November the 17th, 2012 in the unique setting of the former Oratory Sanlupo, Bergamo, for the “Invisible Show” series.

Invisible Show is a secret and multidisciplinary project, which is currently itinerant due to the lack of a venue and the lure of alternative pre-existing spaces (as was the case with the former Oratory of San Lupo).

The aim is to recreate a performance microcosm tailored to the different guest artists, musicians and performers alike. With each event, the mise en scene tries to move away from the traditional idea of a concert, often through the use of video projections and site-specific installations, in order to adapt to the collaborative dynamics of an oblique, improvised, and interactive show. The same happened in the case of the experimental musician Alberto Boccardi, with whom we devised the project Sanlupo, for choir, cello and electronics, in collaboration with Attilio Novellino, Nicola Ratti, Matto Bennici and the Antonio La Motta Chorus with its conductor David Mainetti.

Sharing a common interest in choral music, Alberto and I began by exchanging files and works by musicians and composers such as Ben Frost, Arvo Pärt, Murcof, Chiara Guidi and Hildegard von Bingen, searching for and discovering new avenues which inevitably led us to pool our knowledge and challenge ourselves to undertake a joint project. While maintaining a constant dialogue about all aspects of the project, Alberto Boccardi devoted himself to the musical side, while I looked after all the technical aspects and the practical running of the event. Together with the Invisible Show crew and after searching high and low we finally found the venue that fit the project’s specs.

If on one hand it was easier to manage fifty well coordinated people rather than a single, but annoyingly over the top perfomer, on the other hand, without any public funding and considerable expenses, the biggest challenge was not having any venue confirmed for the performance up until the very last moment. In spite of this, the Invisible Show crew began working straight away on the design, the artwork and the promotion of the event, taking the project forward methodically, with perseverance and stubbornness.

After having secured the performance space, all we needed to do was to position all 50 performers within the space, add the musical element and open the doors to the public. The rest has been documented by an album. – Fiorenzo Terenghi | Invisible Show

The challenge that Alberto Boccardi set us, was not an easy one to meet. Besides having to collaborate together for the first time and having to find at short notice a mutual musical understanding, we also had to try and interact with a radically new element for us, represented by the chorus with its characteristic sacred austerity. After just a few days of practice, however, we found, with remarkable ease, a good overall balance in the performing space of the Oratorio di San Lupo, where all the different components managed to find their own space and maintained an open dialogue while keeping the necessary distance .

There was a great feeling between the audience and the performers. I felt a great energy, participation and warmth, of the kind that only certain collective experiences manage to transmit.

The location was perfect for this kind of concert and the organizers did a stellar job. It’s been a great and positive experience, both from a human and an artistic point of view. – Attilio Novellino


Matteo Bennici

Alberto Boccardi

Attilio Novellino

Nicola Ratti

Invisible Show

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