Mecanation & Truna

Ten years ago, when Aphex Twin invited Pierre Bastien to join his record label, he gave a lesson in nonconformism: Rephlex was a label dedicated to electronic music, while Pierre was exclusively playing acoustic instruments. Mecanation – Pierre Bastien + One Man Nation – reiterates Aphex Twin’s broad-mindedness as One Man Nation daringly mixes his advanced electronic loops and processed sounds with the untreated leitmotivs of Pierre’s mechanical sound sculptures, usually improvised on stage without any prior rehearsals. Both musicians gravitate towards the use of both ancient and recent sounds of the planet to create a myriad of unprecedented combinations, far far away from any dogma.

This video is the live performance of Mecanation with inventor extraordinaire Truna (Valencia) at The Unifiedfield in Granada Spain on the 18th of Nov 2012.

Mecanation is featured on Pierre Bastien’s latest vinyl-only release Entomology on Worm.

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