Light Folds

In a few months Facture will be releasing a monster of an album by 'The Seaman & The Tattered Sail' (Craig Tattersall and Bill Seaman). Over seven hours of music will fit into a 2 x vinyl, 2 x CD and DVD. Years of work have resulted in some of the most beautiful heartfelt music we have ever heard! This mix only just scratches the surface of what is to come. Enjoy...

Craig Tattersall:

Craig has been involved in several music projects chiefly The Boats, The Humble Bee, The Remote Viewer and some labels too…

He currently lives in a 1930’s spy thriller

*Guitar, piano, dusted loops, analogue loops, digital loops, drum machine, analogue synth, synth bass, field recordings, abstractions, fragment constructions and reconstructions, abstractions of Seaman (etc.), analogue spatial recordings, artificial wind, crackles (record surface noise).

Bill Seaman:

Bill is a musician and media artist. He early on explored interactive and generative music (he calls this recombinant music). He has been in multiple bands and collaborations. His own albums as SEA — Thoughtbody, and Songs and Dances of the Neosentient, as well as his album Entry with ATTSEA (working with Rafael Attias) are available on itunes. He has recently collaborated with Daniel Howe on an album entitled Minor Distance (available at; and is currently working with John Supko on a project entitled S_Traits. Seaman and Craig Tattersall (The Boats, The Humble Bee, The Remote Viewer, etc.) have worked for approximately one year on their large scale project – The Seaman and the Tattered Sail – Light Folds. Seaman has also done numerous soundtracks for his media works. He currently lives in Ableton Live…

* Piano, vocal, text, fragment constructions and reconstructions, time abstractions, quartet samples, trumpet samples, clarinet samples, drum machine abstractions, drum machine constructions (samples), digital distortions, bit reductions, synth abstractions, abstractions of Tattersall (etc.), digital loops, radical pitch shifts, noise enhancements, historical samples, crackles – record surface noise (from Tattersall), artificial crackles.


Trumpet (sample recordings) – Robert Ellis-Geiger
Ciompi Quartet (sample recordings) – Eric Pritchard (violin), Hsiao-mei Ku (violin), Jonathan Bagg (violin and viola), Fred Raimi (cello)
Clarinet drones (sample recordings) — David Beaudry
Ableton Live (construction space), Roland Edirol R-09HR Ver.3.0 instrument and voice recordings

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  1. says: Joe

    Oh my god! Craig told me about this at the recent Offkey session but I hadn’t realised there would be 7 hours worth of music – it sounds gorgeous. Take my money now…

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