Oceans & Ornaments

Gianmarco captured the atmosphere of the recent Off-Key Sessions perfectly within this film footage. Once again a massive thanks to all those that came along on the night.

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  1. says: Cyber Surfer

    Woo… What’s the track at the very end Dan? It sounds like across between: Sleeparchive, Autechre, Echochorus (aka Kriipis Tulo) and the stuff you find on Raster-Noton label. (Most definitely need that beauty in my collection!).

    Damn, looks like I missed an amazing event! :( Hopefully, next time. I will feel much better and attend. ;)

  2. says: Ruhe

    Hey, Cyber Surfer – that last track is new material from The Boats (Andrew Hargreaves & Craig Tattersall). It’s fantastic, isn’t it? It really excites me that they’re departing from their normal sound for a while…

  3. says: Cyber Surfer

    Hi Ruhe,

    Damn, I would have never guessed that in a million years! Maybe, if I paid more attention to the video, rather than closing my eyes and nodding my head to the beat, I would have seen who the band was. My humblest apologies Gianmarco. I was just lost in that hypnotic beat. I love it when artists and bands step out of the comfort zone and take on a new genre. Most of the time the results are surprisingly very good. I definitely have to purchase the upcoming album on the strength of that great track.

    All the very best,


  4. says: joe

    Just sat here mesmerized for 16 minutes – this is a wonderful memento of a great evening.

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