November To March

A real find this – six piano experiments with two versions of three pieces, lengthened in “To March” by Lee Chapman, and pre-proposed by Alex Kozobolis as fare for swimming with swans. You can hear every click and scrape of the floor – this is “live” piano in timbre and rhythmical dexterity, comparable to Nils Frahm but less plink ‘n’ plonk in the slower areas.

Neglected arenas of musical solitude get transformed in pianism, a microcosm of the social psyche, a dance of life and a dance with no end for as long as the keys exist. “The Light Will Warm Us Again” brings to mind Rick Wakeman’s keyboard explorations for its hamfisted cinematic quality. While Chapman’s treated soft piano and electronics are very Fescal and Hakobune if re-imagined through a refractively assuaging prism of light tones.

Sun and shade also grant us riches in pianism; a press of a note lighter than the last equals a movement softened in gravitas and allowed to simmer with stress. Young moulds are plentiful if tinkering is necessitated, whereas old skins are shedded if we follow the herd for too long. Throughout the six miniatures – nothing goes beyond six minutes – the cassette interlocks a feeling of optimism with a miniature essay in warmth over dissonance.

“From November To March” will be released in May 2013 on Unknown Tone Records.

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