Music & The Spires

William Ryan Fritch contributes previously unreleased “Ledabella” to this found footage of Soviet Russia, early aviation pioneers, and, purportedly, the captain of the Titanic…

Ledabella is a character from a collection of short stories ‘The Music and the Spires’ by C.E. Alexander, known to Fluid Radio readers for his reviews of books by David Byrne, Woody Guthrie and others. These seven fictions and one memoir explore the heights and complexities of human connection: from the astronomer who buys a diesel-powered looking glass, to the middle-aged couple traveling a deserted elevated rail and its clusters of small settlements below, each place a near-perfect copy of the next.

Of The Music and the Spires, David K. writes in: “Wonderfully creepy. Nightmarish…. I really like the sense of dread and unease, how it’s not so much a dread of physical violence as ontological violence. There’s a sense that reality is very thin.” Amazon reviewers declare this collection to be “strange and wonderful,” “gorgeous,” and a “great debut.”

The Music and the Spires is available now through Zidi Publishing. Purchasing links are below. (The Music and the Spires–Amazon purchase link) (Barnes & Noble) (Kobo) (The Copia)

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