False Heat

A fact that should have been remedied long ago, Brooklyn-based artist Billy Gomberg has finally issued his debut vinyl album, a highly limited artifact with an edition of only 108…

“False Heat” is perhaps his most minimalist and streamlined album yet, occupying two side-long expanses of sizzling currents of electricity, sine waves on the edge of human hearing, and textures that gleam and spin, in turn harmonizing and beating against one another.

The two tracks do diverge from each other in memorable ways – the first is derived from static and hiss in a thicket of signal and noise, the second dips deeper into low end with plunging bass currents – but “False Heat” itself has the kind of surrealistic intent that pins an album into your imagination and isn’t easy to let go.

Real, illusory, and musical all at once, “False Heat” is like the soundtrack to a land not yet discovered. – Experimedia


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