Scene IX

Here’s a beautiful collaboration between sound artist Flotel and film artist Isabel Pérez del Pulgar …

Leigh Toro ( Flotel ) is a musician based in the UK producing music and installations as Flotel. Leigh is also one half of the electroacoustic duo Bamboo Stilts with Tui ( Orla Wren ), whose debut album will be released on vinyl soon. Past sonic meanderings can be found on Expanding Records, Arable Records, Cactus Island and Chemical Tapes.

Spanish film artist Isabel Pérez del Pulgar’s work takes an introspective look at human beings and feminine nature. Subjectively dependent on the individual perception, the fragile and ephemeral nature of the organizational structure that builds the body and establishes communication directly with consciousness.

Exquisite What is a group of people assembling an evolving music/visual piece, divided into different scenes: each collaborator adding to a composition in sequence.

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