White and Dodger…

“The title of ‘White and Dodger Herald the Atomic Age’ is a nod to William T. Vollmann’s debut novel ‘You Bright and Risen Angels’ – a frenzied and sprawling work which deals (very) loosely with the creation and control of electricity.  It’s by turns bizarre, confusing, frenetic and sublime and its also one of the most amazing things I’ve read.  There’s too much incident and too many characters to sum up in a few sentences but part of it at least deals with a fictionalised version of the invention of electricity and the birth of industry in North America by two larger than life characters in the form of Mr White and his assistant Dr. Dodger. In particular there’s an incredible passage near the beginning where Mr White basically seems to tame and colonise the wilds of North America seemingly single-handedly – hacking paths through the undergrowth and climbing mountains whilst carrying his horse and his cart on his back. Something like that will stick with you I guess. So the video I put together for the track – stripped-down and minimalist as it is – basically references one of my favourite passages from one of my favourite books.  Also its liable to make you dizzy if you hold your face too close.  Turn it up loud though.” – Oliver Barrett


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