Lintel Vol. I

Lintel is a UK journal which combines the work of contemporary artists with selections from old texts, printed in A4 format on heavyweight, uncoated papers. The journal is published in two editions, a ‘Standard Edition’, which comprises the journal itself, and an artist-directed ‘Special Edition’, which includes additional material in a special presentation portfolio.

VOL 1 NO 1 features drawings by Hans Brückner and text selections adapted from ‘Travels In Iceland’, an early 19th century text by Olafsen and Povelsen.

Hans Brückner was born in Würzburg, Germany, in 1963. He studied Fine Art at the Frankfurt Städelschule, Icelandic at Reykjavik and Linguistics at Erlangen. He currently lives in Munich.

When he was climbing the Hekla volcano in Iceland, the sight of its vast, almost empty landscape made a deep impression. The moment he realised that it was impossible to create an image that could contain such enormous spaces, he felt relieved. Since then most of his artwork has been based on the idea of being a fragment – of drawing space within space.


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