Seven Hours

London based singer-songwriter Douglas Dare’s debut EP Seven Hours was recorded in various spaces, including drummer/producer Fabian Prynn’s home-studio in South London. The four tracks of the EP are the first recordings the musicians have made together and with all songs written by Dare and all tracks engineered, mixed and produced by Prynn, it is a true collaboration.

With the songs beginning as poems and short prose, Dare later improvises melodies and piano parts. This process was continued by Prynn with all the percussive rhythms coming from improvising to the original pieces. The performances were captured using a cassette recorder, keeping recording fresh as full takes had to be committed to at the recording stage; this process led to unexpected parts and ideas that now are integral to the sound and feel of the EP.

Seven Hours will be released on Erased Tapes in the form of a CD, 10″ Vinyl and Download on September 30. Fans can pre-order the EP here.

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