The collaboration between David Wenngren and Jonatan Nastesjo sees two highly accomplished musicians combine their talents taking you on an abstract journey into a soothing, natural landscape inspired by their environment.

A recurring theme of breathing, lingering organs that exhale and let their tones form shifting images within the listeners mind as they drift off like puffs of smoke in thin air. A central piece to this recording is the monumental “Before I Leave” which is supported by a chorus of ebbing and flowing organ tones that build up like waves surging up from the sea only to retreat again like dissipating dots of foam on the shore; images of nature meeting processed, electronic sounds. In the same manner, the remaining three songs grow on the listener and – almost unnoticeably – transform from their soothing, droning character to become very present bodies of melodious sounds.

The Artists

Simply reviewing Wenngren’s monikers and discography (Library Tapes, Murralin Lane, Le Lendemain and countless collaborations), serves as a clear indication of his influence on the electronic music scene and any listener will most likely know of one of his former works. David Wenngren, from Eskilstuna, Sweden, works with field recordings, acoustic instruments most notably the piano and guitar, and experiments with and draws inspiration from the sounds of environment and nature in the music that comes as a result from processing these electronic sounds. Since Library Tapes was formed as a duo back in 2004, he has retained this moniker for many solo releases since 2006, and collaborations range from Peter Broderick, Danny Norbury, Kane Ikin, Christopher Bissonette and many other musicians at the top of their game.

A close friend and compatriot of David Wenngren,¬†Jonatan Nastesjo hails from Jonkoping, Sweden, and has actively toured Europe since 2007, sometimes with David Wenngren. Natural environment often serves as an inspiration to his works, exploring the different sources of sound cited as one method of approaching his music concepts and compositional methods. His works are highly melodious, ambient and droning, sometimes dubbed ‘cathedral electronic music’ and . His debut “Leaves Never Leave” release under the Woodchucker moniker was highly acclaimed and even earned him ‘artist of the year’ awards (Digfi); and 2012 saw his EP “Wait For Me” released on influential label Hibernate Recordings.

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