White Heat

Closer’s first output is described by the Melbourne based artist as some sort of sort of loud and ugly twin brother to his forthcoming LP ‘In Search of Life’…

The full length’s introspective neo-classically twinged sounds are here replaced by raucous slow churning melodies that resonate and scream, as if through a broken loudspeaker in outer space. The listener can hear ‘Why Are We Not Perfect?’ era Jesu permeating this release. But then it will also ring strangely familiar with listeners of Belong, Lights Out Asia and even the sounds of A Winged Victory For The Sullen are hinted at here, giving the listener just a tiny bit of even ground to step from into Closer’s next output. White Heat at first may seem challenging, but once immersed in its rumbling cacophony the reward is given as an emotive euphoria, rooted to something that resonates on a deep level with the human condition.

Closer, known to some as Liam Daly, also plays reverb and delay drenched singer songwriter material under his own name, ala Grouper. He was also a founding member of cult Melbourne post rock outfit These Hands (Could Separate The Sky), who dispersed in 2012.

White Heat is available now for digital download on Bandcamp. In Search of Life is due for release late 2013.


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