My Tiger Side

For the past two decades, guitarist Remi Saboul has been exploring the realms of contemporary and improvised music, often turning unexpected corners and preferably straying from the straight and narrow main roads.

In musical territories as diverse as those occupied by projects like Drive Blind or “rinocerose” as well as numerous jazz ensembles, composing theatre soundtracks and soundscapes, he has time and again managed to bring his inner music to the fore.

At present, Remi takes to the stage all by himself to represent the intimacy and personal character of a project called My Tiger Side, which consists of extended instrumental pieces during which he takes the time to attain a degree of sobriety with a whispering rather than an overtly present guitar.

My Tiger Side «1» is the first album released in June 2013 in a numbered limited edition of 100 copies on 160 gram vinyl. The record contains tracks which were part of a series of improvised sessions, recorded in analogue, as well as a six part piece shaped like a classical mass (a reference to The Electric Prunes and Pierre Henry).

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