Odyssey EP

Like many electronic artists, Ryan Lee West aka Rival Consoles spent his early years experimenting with IDM, glitch and dance, but one consistent element in his musical journey has been his desire to create a more organic, humanised sound.

Now restricting himself to a small selection of analogue equipment, West engages his hands directly with instruments and is very selective about what he then records into the computer. He reduces musical parts even further, leaving enough space around the sound for it to breath. Odyssey is a reflection of West’s quest to create atmosphere and space from minimal arrangements.

‘I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of reduction. It’s all about using the right ingredients at the right points in time. A lot of these ingredients are short recordings, such as ice cracking, mechanical clicks, clicks from synth errors, sounds of debris, guitar plucks etc., which interact with the simple arrangements and create little hints of rhythm.’ – Ryan Lee West

The new 5-track EP will be released worldwide on October 21 in the form of a 12″ Vinyl and Download via Erased Tapes.


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