Dragon’s Eye

Help Dragon's Eye relaunch with 4 new releases by Yann Novak, Pinkcourtesyphone, Steve Roden & Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello...

Yann Novak took over Dragon’s Eye Recordings from his father in 2005, and then went on to release dynamic works of ambient, microsound, field recordings and everything in between. Through these efforts, artists like Son of Rose/Kamran Sadeghi, Tyler Potts, Wyndel Hunt, Mark Manning, and others at the edge of the field could build communities, and find a wider audience for their work.

From 2005 – 2011, Dragon’s Eye Recordings published 60 CD-R and CD releases, including work by Ælab; Celer; Robert Crouch; Corey Fuller; i8u; Lissom; Mem1; Steve Peters; Simon Whetham, among many of today’s most inventive sound artists. DER became successful beyond our wildest dreams—with many titles selling out within weeks of their release—while building an international community of like minded artists and listeners.

From 2012 through today, we took a hiatus due to increased studio demands, and we’re now gearing back up for our re-launch in 2014, with your support. The campaign will fund a stronger and more focused DER, releasing works on CD only, which will give the label access to broader distribution unavailable for CD-R formats.

Now through 2014, DER will finalize and issue 4 new CD releases by Yann Novak; Pinkcourtesyphone; Steve Roden; and a collaboration by Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello. Funds received during the campaign will pay for duplication and printing of the 4 CDs, Marketing, and Rewards. Any funding received above our campaign goal would pay for further new releases by Robert Crouch; Robert Curgenven; Ian Hawgood; and France Jobin in 2015.

Head over to the Kick Starter web site for full details and please help support the label if you can.


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