Anzio Green

A Day Without Distance

Anzio Green arrive on Rednetic after their debut release “Autumn Honey” on Symbolic Interaction (Funckarma, The Retail Sectors).

After the debut release where Wil and Mark worked on their parts separately in New Zealand and the UK, the new album removes that distance. Working in Wil’s studio in Liverpool the pair drew on their love of late 80s/early 90s guitar music ­ Lush, The Cure, Slowdive, Jesus and Mary Chain and Snub TV. Clear evidence of this can be heard on the track Fall Down with vocals by Kate Tustain (Laska and collaboratively as Innerise), the nearest to Pop rednetic has ever been. As a counterbalance to the liaison with pop there are more experimental tracks such as Tall Grass and End of an Error with a nod to acts such as Tim Hecker and Fennesz.

While the first album was very much of a New Zealand vibe this is very much the UK, with London and Liverpool playing a major role. Only the last track “Never Go Back” returns to NZ, with the foundations beginning one evening close to Tennyson Inlet in the north of the South Island, completing the journey that began with the first album.

Anzio Green…

Anzio Green is a collaboration between Mark Streatfield (Zainetica and Cyan341 ) and Wil Bolton (Cheju and The Ashes of Piemonte with Lee Norris). Wil’s recent solo work has largely been experimental sound art including Treatments and Textures, a mix of ambient and electroacoustic music for Tate Liverpool’s Sculpture Remixed collection display, as well as albums ­ Kollane (Time Released Sound) and Under A Name That Hides Her (Hibernate Recordings). Mark’s recent work includes Techno as Cyan341 with a new vinyl EP ­ Coal Train and album ­ Far From Home out next year on Uncharted Audio. Anzio Green’s last appearance was on Rednetic’s One Point Three with the track Sorry for all the Mistakes.

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