Exclusive track taken from the stunning new album 'Maps' by Message To Bears

‘Maps’ is the third LP from multi-instrumentalist Jerome Alexander, the man behind Message to Bears.

Following on from the success of Folding Leaves, Jerome has created something that encapsulates the folksy ambience of previous releases whilst adding an electronic dimension. Building layer upon layer, songs evolve with a fragile intensity. Vocal melodies are draped over string and guitar arrangements and end up soaring over them, at the same time lending a hook instantly recognisable as Message To Bears and blending harmoniously with the arrangement.

The overall result of Maps is something that is both startling and familiar. You are drawn in, given a map if you will, and invited on a musical journey that nods to Message to Bears’ past but also leads to the future.’

Release Date: 12th November 2013 / Composed, produced and mixed by Jerome Alexander. Viola and violin performed by Tim Gill. Mastered by Carl Saff.


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