Mind Over Midi

Craig Tattersall

Man with a tape recorder

I am a huge fan and collector of Craig’s music and labels. Last weekend I took the time to play the epic The Seamen and The Tattered Sail – Light Folds DVD in full. Seven hours of unbelievable beauty. I was so inspired by the music, then came the idea of a selection from the artist’s brilliant work. – Mind Over Midi

A lot of times it’s not only the sound itself but also the way it has deteriorated. I just love the crackle of vinyl, the saturated distortion of analogue tape, the hiss of wax-cylinders, the aging process of the artifact itself is equally important as the sounds themselves. They add a second layer of emotionality to the sounds. The medium is part of the instrument. (Craig Tattersall)

The Humble Bee – The Bedside Book (A Miscellany for the Quiet Hours) Cotton Goods
The Archivist – (i did it deliberately) (David Newlyn/The Archivist/Insecto) Mobeer
The Seaman and The Tattered Sail – Suspended Dust, Slow Movement, Light’s End (Light Folds) Facture
E and I – Tiniest Smile (An Inch of Air) Cotton Goods
E and I – Putting off Stars (Putting off Stars) Cotton Goods
The Archivist – Untitled 6 (The Keeper of The Library, Handmade Edition 3” CDR) Lacies Records
The Archivist – Mining for Sound (The Wooden Laser) The Archivist Self-released
The Humble Bee – Beginning (Henrietta) Other Ideas
E and I – Pearls for Alma (Projected Images) Cotton Goods
The Humble Bee – 31 Jan 2010 (Morning Music) Cotton Goods


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