Oblivion Hymns

This November, Nashville duo Hammock will release Oblivion Hymns, their most ambitious recording to date. Hammock reaches as far as they ever have, adding a string quartet, children’s choir, accordion, French horn, glockenspiel, and more to their growing arsenal of instrumentation. Coupled with their familiar bank of guitars and effects, the end result is a special kind of magic waiting to be experienced, not simply listened to.

Oblivion Hymns redefines what listeners have come to expect from a Hammock record, leaving all traces of traditional rock or pop far behind and introducing the band’s unique take on neoclassical music. Bathed in intricate layers of sweeping strings, strident horns, and delicately pressed keys, Oblivion Hymns rides a cascade of sound to the farthest-reaching corners of your heart and delivers a deep emotional connection, capable of ferreting out the most precious of memories.

Oblivion Hymns is best described as an expedition across sight and sound. You won’t know where you’re headed, and you’re bound to feel drained by the end, but wherever you arrive, the journey will have been unforgettable.

For over eight years, Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson of Hammock have been crafting sophisticated and emotionally-charged compositions together, culminating in the release of five critically-acclaimed full-length albums. Oblivion Hymns is the follow-up to 2012’s Departure Songs, a bold nineteen-track orchestration that received Album of the Year nods by several media outlets.
Hammock has emerged as a standout in the ambient/post-rock space, creating rich, textured compositions that challenge the limits of the genre and push it forward. The band has received significant acclaim from influential media, such as BBC, Pitchfork, NPR, and The Wire.

The cinematic quality of Hammock’s music has not gone unnoticed by mainstream media, translating into many licensing credits, including Super Bowl XLVII, Showtime’s “Californication”, the 2006 Winter Olympics, and ABC’s “Dirty Sexy Money.”


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