Sima Kim


Soft Corridor’s fifth release will be the new album by Sima Kim : “Debris”

Sima Kim was born in South Korea in 1989 and grew up in Europe. He started studying music at 18 years-old and did a degree in musicology after being influenced by western classical and contemporary music.

After visiting Germany and India in 2011, he started composing music and had his music released on several labels like Twisted Tree Line (UK), Cathedral Transmissions (UK), Hibernate (UK), Twice Removed Records (AU) and Chemical Tapes (UK).

His main interest is on the sounds, notes and silences within a state of mindfulness.

The album will be presented in a limited run of 100 CD copies, packaged  in a letterpressed sleeve with cover artwork by Jess Pauwels. All copies will be hand-numbered and will feature a 12cmx12cm photo print by Julien Lambrechts with tracklisting on the reverse side.

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