Tuning Loops

Something very special coming in Jan 2014 from Dollboy

Dollboy began in the early 2000s, following the dissolution of ‘big beat acid techno combo’ Cooler and a new-found admiration of Eno’s ambient recordings. Early manifestations of this new direction included the first two Dollboy albums, “Plans For A Modern City” and “Casual Nudism”.

A swing back towards structured songs and lyric resulted in “A Beard Of Bees” in 2009 and “Further Excursions into The Ulu With Dollboy” in 2012, punctuated by 2010s acclaimed “Ghost Stations/Geisterbahnho?fe”: two long instrumental pieces and various printed ephemera evoking the spirits of abandoned underground stations in London and Berlin.

‘Tuning Loops’ was made using a pair of mismatched, aged tape recorders and a mile of quarter inch tape. It contains all the artefacts and inconsistencies expected of working with dilapidated, obsolete equipment.

Initial digital recordings were made of The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment in rehearsal for a performance of The Messiah. Samples and tape loops were made of the orchestra tuning up and then fed into the tape machines. The results of this process were then used as the basis for further improvisation with electric guitar, trumpet, piano, toy piano, Oberheim synthesizer, a test oscillator and an RE501 tape echo.

Pre-orders available now for delivery in January 2014. The lp comes with a code for digital download.


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