Fire & Water

One year after their debut EP “Earth“, the St-Petersburg based duo are back with their first full-length release soberly entitled “Fire & Water”. As the title suggests, this album was originally planned as two separate EPs in which opposite colors & tones are explored, but from the electric drones & melody-drenched distorsion of “Fire” to the sonic foam of “Water” everything still seems to retain the same sense of peculiarity & despair.

During 50 minutes Sádon increase their remarkable range of emotions, each track bringing up new elements, like the dronish opening “Desolation” that ends in a ghostly groove, or the eerie “Water Started” that sounds like if Birds of Passage stole Wayne Coyne’s drugs. But don’t worry, even though there are a lot of surprises on this album, Sanya & Donat’s music is still as harsh and frigid as their native Russia, it just never sounded so solemnly fragile.

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