Not Knowing

Desire Path Recordings is thrilled to introduce Tangents: an ongoing CD format series designed with the intention of presenting long-form work not appropriate for the vinyl format. Occasionally veering off from our chosen Pathways, we hope these sprawling works buoy your heart and mind on long walks, unfettered reflection, or in the absorption of life. Although the vinyl format remains our focus and passion, we believe these exquisite works deserve to see the light of day, or the dark of night.

We are pleased to present the first release of our Tangents CD Series from Nicholas Szczepanik entitled Not Knowing. Originally released as an 18 minute piece for the Ante Algo Azul series, Not Knowing has been expanded to a 53 minute masterwork. As each minute of the work unfolds, the music blossoms and the petals unfurl to reveal a constant and evolving beauty. A slow and steady throb lulls the listener into a soft molasses; a spark is ignited, becomes a glimmer, before turning into an all-encompassing radiant glow. Dedicated to Eliane Radigue.

Not Knowing originally took shape as a shorter sketch released as part of the Ante Algo Azul series in 2011. After much deliberation between 2010 and 2013, the version presented here is as close to finished as I could reach. The piece was formed as a direct response to the haven not sought but found in Eliane Radigue’s music. In particular, L’I?le Re-Sonante helped me get through a necessarily rough patch of what we tend to call life.

I am indebted to Michael Vitrano for liking the music enough to see this release through. The cover image is from painter Elizabeth Huey’s found photo collection. Layout and design was done by Chris Koelle and J. Aaron Greene. A special thank you is reserved for Emmanuel Holterbach. As always, I thank you for listening. – NS

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