Alahuta is the mysterious solo outlet of Aurélie Vivier, french folk singer based in the altantic northwest. Following on a demo cdr selfreleased last year, « A Hack In The Woods » is the first EP of the artist. This 5 tracks EP is the studio document of her solo acts played last year all over Europe.

Starting as a very late-night folk record, A Hack In The Woods draw us a path to the dawn, seeing Alahuta spinning a powerful mesmerizing vocals over delicate loop of guitars & organs. Like a possible chanting sister soul of Emily Dickinson and Charlotte Bronte, a possible turning-tables companion of Victor Hugo, Aurelie Vivier use the voice as a pure connexion with nature forces, invisible spirits and shining elements.

A deep, very “out of time” first EP, a step beside any contemporary trends, meanwhile echoing the tones of a Ruthan Friedman or a Linda Perhacs camping near Thoreau’s walden pond.

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