Sketches is the split album of Sima Kim and Wouter Van Veldhoven (side A and B correspondingly). The name clearly states the nature of the pieces, but the two sides have different intentions and different meanings. Sima Kim’s are ambient and melodic tracks with small cuts. Delicate minimalist pieces are corrupted only by the micro tonal changes, the rhythmic axis function in his music, short essays of melodies processed on tape and digital. On the other hand, Wouter Van Veldhoven’s side is a collection of sound recordings and exercises that cover a long chunk of time and have been kindly assembled here as the drafts that every artist generates along his path.

Condensed improvisation and abstraction are finely built here by manipulating tapes and the implementation of several instruments, some of them built by Veldhoven himself. Sketches is a compelling documentation of the creative processes of Sima Kim and Wouter Van Veldhoven. It is a suggestive flirtation between two proposals that despite their instrumental and conceptual differences coexist perfectly sharing their concrete and minimalist nature.

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