Loud Listening # 02

Through the sound of murano glass

In the days between 28th and January 31st, 2014 we held the artistic residence of “Loud ~ Through the sound of murano glass”. The project made possible thanks to the Consortium Promovetro Murano with the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Venice and is an experiment in sonic exploration started with the intention to investigate the soundscapes of the Italian industrial areas, in this case the island of Murano. The initiative has been entrusted to the Italian collective Archive Soundscapes, an association that aims at promoting the culture of soundscapes, represented here by the sound artists Alessio Ballerini, Enrico Coniglio and Attilio Novellino. The project allowed us to develop a sound mapping of glass production, with particular attention to the sounds related to traditional activities both by companies that operate in the handicraft sector and by those working in the industry. During the residence the sound artists were engaged in the audio recording of the sounds during glass production in some of the most important furnaces in Murano.

The entire residence has also been documented with audio and video recordings for the construction of a documentary film. It all ended with a sound performance given by Alessio Ballerini, Enrico Coniglio and Attilio Novellino, January 31st, 2014, at the Exhibition Center Slovenian A plus, in collaboration with Pop Up Sun in Venice, where the musicians presented the outcome of the recordings made in the form of live electronics. The three sound artists were present on the island a considerable number of hours and were engaged in audio and video recording of the glass production of some major companies that, at the invitation of  Promovetro, have agreed to cooperate in the initiative, opening access to the places of production. By means of technical equipment consisting of portable digital voice recorders and professional microphone equipment, the sounds of glass production were recorded and considered in all the phases of the production cycle, making it possible to create a sort of sample of Murano production: from the classic furnace to the lampworking, from the mirror to the grinding of the product in secondary processing. – Alessio

Calender: Below the glass companies visited

Day 01/28/2014 – Signoretto Chandeliers (furnace lighting) – Simon Cenedese (furnace) – Fratelli Barbini (mirrors / engraving)
Day 29.01.2014 – Alexander Mandruzzato (grinder) – La Perla Veneziana (lampwork beads)
Day 30/01/2014 – Seguso Gianni Zanetti and (2 furnaces)


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