Ekin Uzeltüzenci is a Turkish musician from Istanbul who creates an eerie sound that exists in a twilight zone – a paradoxical limbo which feels deeply personal and yet distantly alien.

Utilising abrasive over-powered organ, electronics, synths, guitars and drenching everything in a milky way of dense enveloping reverb Ekin’s own presence is as charismatic as it is slippery – a voice calling out from thousands of miles away dissolving and vanishing – a wraith-like hallucination. Frequently compared to Jessica Baliff and Grouper, Reds represents a further broadening of Ekin Fil’s sound as contained bursts of noise burst through the shadows – a mutation the equivalent of what Broadcast might have sounded like if they had been raised in a black hole rather than a stone circle.

These lost satellite transmissions are most evidenced on Uranus and North where gravity is completely sucked away exposing a future-blues Kosmische whereas Long Still, Minus and Silence Repeats are (marginally) more earthbound wandering the distorted psychogeography of Ekin’s own Istanbul.

Reds is psychedelia cast adrift from the chord and Exotik Pylon is honoured to present a small portal into Ekin’s beautifully strange world.

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