A Clear View…

The long overdue first collaborative work by Peter Broderick and Greg Haines reveals their mutual love for dub music with groovy rhythms, heavy bass and spacey synthesisers…

“Primarily inspired by mine and Greg’s recent obsession with dub music, Greg Gives Peter Space is a mini album comprised of six tracks filled with – you guessed it – spacey sounds, created with the help of Greg’s ever-growing collection of synthesizers, tape delays and reel-to-reel machines. In the true spirit of dub music, many of the mixes were made live, both of us hovering over the mixing board, dancing around and following our intuitions, processing the sounds with live effects while the music bounced down to tape” – Peter Broderick

Greg Gives Peter Space will be released on 12″ Vinyl/Download via Erased Tapes on June 16.


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