Supersonic 2014

Supersonic is back. You’re not dreaming…

One of the UK’s most diverse underground music festivals will again shake and lull the foundations of Birmingham’s Custard Factory over two days and nights, May 30th – 31st. The latest in a chain of hugely successful events that started in 2003 – the first featuring the still missed and ever darkly mesmerising Coil amongst others – is a slightly pared down affair with only 400 tickets issued.

Headlining are Swans, a fact that frankly terrifies as much as it excites if your ear drums and psychological comfort mean anything to you. Continuing a string of events that haul their challenging discography into the present and future, intensity and volume are guaranteed. The theme of imposing darkness relates neatly with Birmingham’s musical history, being home to several key bands in the development of heavy music. And it’s clearly part of Supersonic’s style of curation. Over the years they have devoted a significant proportion of their programme to such bands, Sunn O))), Isis, Corrupted and Electric Wizard to name just a few.

Part of the allure of the festival though is the remarkable eclecticism that, truth be told, might seem slightly awkward at event of its size. However, this just isn’t the case. An unnameable association runs freely through each huge and tiny name on every line up in their history, an association that anyone who has ever attended will recognise as ‘Supersonic’. This year’s alternative delights cover workshops (for adults and kids alike), the avant garde and the obligatory disco / rave. Bringing the noisy electronics is New York’s Pharmakon; Sly and The Family Drone take themselves apart over battered circuits and sloppy, crashing drums; Bjork collaborating legends Matmos immerse you in their experimental rhythm excursions.

Music aside,there will be exhibitions, films and talks offering the efforts of Morton Underwood, Bill Drummond, The Quietus, Racket, friends Supernormal Festival and more.

Basic House, otherwise known as Drunk In Hell’s Stephen Bishop, will be performing at the festival and has created a mix of tracks in its honour. For a taste of what is to come you are intensely encouraged to check it out.

Bless you Mr. Balance, you were loved and are loved still, but this time the dreamer is awake.

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