Northern Migration

Many moons ago myself and Jess wanted to travel across South America to search out new adventures and also offer what we could towards voluntary services that supported street children. However, Ethan and Noah soon came along, and the responsibilities that come with bringing up two children meant plans had to be put on hold. So instead we spent the past 10 years promising ourselves that one day we would make the dream become reality. That day has finally come…

The journey has now begun and the adventure begins! We have taken the boys out of school for 12 months and are now in Uruguay waiting for our camper van to arrive. Yes you heard that right… We have decided to spend the time driving around various parts of South America in a camper van that is currently being shipped from the UK to Montevideo, Uruguay. Calling it a camper is not strictly the right word as it’s an old 1990 Mercedes 508d ambulance van that we have spent the last 3 months converting. Once the van arrives we plan to drive through South America stopping off at different voluntary agencies that do specialised work with street children, as this has been something close to our hearts for many many years.

We have no idea what the next 12 months will bring, but we are sure it will be a life experience, shaping us as a family and helping our children to see and learn things that they will not gain from a standard school education. The majority of our budget has gone on flights along with the cost of the van conversion and shipping, so we are living by faith to a large degree and focusing each day in the simplest of ways possible trying our best to escape worldly consumerism and desires.

We have recently set up an online blog that will record our journey in various ways from photography, written journals, videos, sound recordings, music releases, etc, and we hope you will come along for the ride by checking up on what we are doing from time to time. The blog is still in its early form with regards to design and content, and will grow over the coming weeks. The web site URL is:

Please do share with those that you feel would like to know what we get up to. Also any South American friends from Fluid Radio that would like to drop us a line so that we can come say hi, please do send an email.

We will be in contact very soon. Until then enjoy some images taken on our quick stop camping tour of Uruguay…

Dan, Jess, Ethan & Noah x


Click on image for slide show…

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