Early Analogue

Selected Works on Tape 2002 – 2004

This C40 tape duplicates a cassette compiled in January 2004 by Thomas Shrubsole of selected experiments recorded over the two years previously, a time for the artist of initial forays into analogue synthesis and hardware recording. Most pieces were intended at that point for personal consumption and research apart from the latter portion of side two which was composed as a soundtrack to and accompanied an exhibition of Shrubsole’s paintings. None of this has been available publicly otherwise before now. Ten years after that selection and 12 years after the first pieces were recorded Dissolving is proud to present Early Analogue.

Primitive frequency tripping and time travel via deepest Tibetan incantation and raw voltage strobe using a single monosynth and effect box set-up; crude analogue beats and industrial churning, all recorded to Portastudio in bedroom in the dead of night.

This edition has been expertly remastered with total attention to historical and contextual veracity including maximum hiss, drop-outs and tape scum for guaranteed listener displeasure.

All tracks Composed, Played and Recorded by T. Shrubsole 2002 – 2004.

Instruments: Analogue Monosynth, Voice, Oriental Percussion, FX, Sampling Keyboard, Drum Machine, Tape.

Art Edition Black C40 of 34 numbered copies. Packaged in folded print with various hand-printed and decorated inserts, hand-numbered. Each tape artwork is unique and each package contains different individual artworks.


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