Fingers should be considered as a minimalistic orchestral piece.

Alberto Boccardi’s electro-acoustic journey has been innerved by the contribution of different musicians. The result is a contrast between hypnotic loops and repetitive played elements, electronic and acoustic layers moving to surface before disappearing; time appears as a floating and variable element.

The material has been recorded between Kazakhstan, Italy and Iceland, over a period of 8 months: from the field recording materials of the Kazakh winter to the feeble piano notes of the Greenhouse studio in Reykjavik.

This is the result of a musical path started 2 years ago with the homonymous album and then passing through the 12″ split with Lawrence English.

The interaction between acoustic and electronic sound sources, the repetition and the concept of layering have been the focus of this long exploration.

Fingers will be released on Important records (Cassauna series) and Monotype/Catsun records in October.

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