HumanScapes is a festival taking place in the cities of Bari and Lecce in the Apulia region of Italy from 21-27 September 2014. Over three days numerous artists from the Archivio Italiano dei Paesaggi Sonori (Archive of Italian Soundscapes, or AIPS) will be presenting live performances developed using material from the Oggetti Smarriti project’s collection of home and amateur films from the 1940s to ’80s. There will also be talks, film installations, and a sound mapping workshop.

Artists participating in the festival include Matteo Uggeri, Alberto Boccardi, Franz Rosati, Francesco Giannico, Alessio Ballerini, Fabio Perletta, Giovanni Lami, Attilio Novellino & Saverio Rosi. Many of these artists will be familiar to Fluid Radio readers through Gianmarco Del Re’s Postcards From Italy series of interviews. We loved AIPS’ field recording compilation and associated weekend of installations and performances of the same name that took place in London last year, and this looks like an equally exciting and innovative programme.

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