Richard Skelton

Richard Skelton Nimrod book with black and white cover

Richard Skelton has recently announced his first solo album in two years. Entitled “Nimrod is Lost in Orion and Osyris in The Doggestarre: The Inward Circles”, the release comprises an hour’s worth of music and a book of texts, art and photographs.

Whereas previous Skelton releases have attempted to distill the character of a specific place (“Landings”, “Ridgelines”), “Nimrod” instead aims to present music “as a relic of an imaginary landscape; a series of notional artefacts”. The tremulous strings for which the artist is known “have all but disappeared”, leaving behind “a dark mass of shifting tonal colours suffused with filigree detail”.

“Nimrod” is currently available for pre-order at Corbel Stone Press.

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