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Phil Tomsett, No answers, not even any questions #1, path through dark fields at dusk

No answers, not even any questions.

“This series of photographs and accompanying EP of music is a philosophical document of my first few months living in a new rural environment (I moved from the city about a year ago.) It particularly deals with a walk I took most evenings from the local unmanned train station across fields to my home. It was a journey I repeated regularly over the coming winter months and as time went by I began to absorb the atmosphere of the landscape, noticing the subtle changes in the quality of the evening light until by mid winter I was walking in complete darkness, finding my way by torch light. I began to think about how limited our human senses and minds are at understanding the world around us. I started to document my journeys using the camera on my iPhone and discovered that the limits of the iPhone camera combined with the limits of the environment I was photographing- winter, end of the day, very limited light rapidly disappearing- meant the image broke up in a way that perfectly described the themes I was thinking about- a lack of information, lack of answers, looking hard but not finding anything, not even being able to see if there’s anything to find. This prompted me to turn the photographs into a series and inspired the writing of the music for the EP.

“Tech note: The photos have had no post production other than a little colour balancing on a few of the shots. Other than that they are just what was photographed at the time. The camera was an Iphone 4s with the Camera plus app.”

Phil Tomsett/The Inventors of Aircraft
November 2014

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