Umor Rex

Diego Berruecos - Lie Together, Die Together, pamphlet with bright red cover and white diagrammatic outlines of shapes

New print and vinyl editions

Mexico-based label and publishing house Umor Rex has announced two new pamphlets, their first print editions in quite a while.

Lie Together, Die Together is a collection of images from the work of Mexican photographer Diego Berruecos, a collection of mental notes that fall down the gap between memory image and photographic representation. Ordinariness gives way to beauty and sometimes strangeness; “from the perspective of memory, photography appears as a jumble that consist partly of garbage.”

Perfect Fatigue emerges from photographer and musician Michael Vallera’s direct engagement with the legacy of landscape photography. An “almost mystical, luminous sense of place” is captured in this collection from the Chicago-based artist, who also makes music with Steven Hess (as Cleared) and Joseph Clayton Mills (as Maar), as well as under his own name.

Also out soon from the label is “Collected Works Vol.2: New Process Music”, a collection of purely modular compositions from M. Geddes Gengras. The album documents a major aesthetic shift in Gengras’ music, heading deeper into post-production editing to create deeply tuned aural environments.

All three releases feature the impecable design work of the label’s Daniel Castrejón.


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