Félicia Atkinson

Félicia Atkinson - A Readymade Ceremony, collage of text and photos on white background

A Readymade Ceremony

New music from Félicia Atkinson is always cause for celebration in our book, but this next one is shaping up to be something extra-special. As well as making music under her own name and under the alias Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier, the Alpine-based artist is also a creator of sculpture, drawings, paintings, and texts, as well as co-running the publishing company Shelter Press. The text announcing her new album hints at an attempt to join the dots between all these different artistic practices, to articulate a single gesture linking them all. The released excerpt of track “L’Oeil” borrows text from her recent book “Improvising Sculpture as Delayed Fictions”, as well as demonstrating a prediliction for collage that appears elsewhere in her work.

We can’t wait to hear “A Readymade Ceremony” in full, but those wanting the vinyl edition better be quick as copies are going fast on pre-order.





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